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Dhamaka is not a typical curry house but a street food restaurant and that makes us unique, we are serving you street food from each & every corner of India. From tangy snacks that flow across Indian streets to “indo Chinese” that is fusion of Indian & Chinese cuisine and quite popular in the Northern part of the country, like soya sauce with Indian spices just makes the perfect balance of Chinese and Indian ingredients. Tandoor comes next in the row that is main source of Awadhi cuisine, all around the streets of India, you’ll find number of Kebabs cooking in the open oven, apart from kebabs lot number of Rotis like Tandoori Roti, Naan, Missi Roti and many others are cooked in Tandoor and people love them cooked on the streets in the open air.

Above all Indian food is all about sharing and caring, so let’s share your food amongst your peers and eat the Indian way when you visit Dhamaka really near in future to experience the hustle of the busy Indian streets.

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