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Dhamaka is not a typical curry house but a street food restaurant and that makes us unique, we are serving you street food from each & every corner of India. From tangy snacks that flow across Indian streets to “indo Chinese” that is fusion of Indian & Chinese cuisine and quite popular in the Northern part of the country, like soya sauce with Indian spices just makes the perfect balance of Chinese and Indian ingredients. Tandoor comes next in the row that is main source of Awadhi cuisine, all around the streets of India, you’ll find number of Kebabs cooking in the open oven, apart from kebabs lot number of Rotis like Tandoori Roti, Naan, Missi Roti and many others are cooked in Tandoor and people love them cooked on the streets in the open air.

Above all Indian food is all about sharing and caring, so let’s share your food amongst your peers and eat the Indian way when you visit Dhamaka really near in future to experience the hustle of the busy Indian streets.

Poppadums Basket  (GF, V)

(crispy poppadums served with selection of home made dips)


Onion Bhajiya (VG, GF)

(gram flour and onion dumplings  a great vegan starter)


Punjabi Samosa (VG)

(flaky pastry cones filled with cumin tempered potato and green peas)


Chaat Please

A snack eaten across the India with a bit of everything a combination of sweet yoghurt, tangy tamarind sauce, mint sauce, gram flour vermicelli just makes you wanting more.

Pani Puri (VG)

(crispy wheat bubbles filled with potato served with mint water and tamarind water. have a go fill one of them to the brim yourselves and have it in one bite and feel the explosion of flavours)


Dahi Papdi Chaat (V)

(a combination of flaky pastry, chick peas, diced potatoes, sweet yoghurt, mint and tamarind sauce)


Samosa Chaat (V)

(samosa on a bed of chick peas topped with mint, sweet yoghurt, tamarind chutney just makes the humble samosa a notch better)


Aloo Tikki Chaat (V)

(comfy chaat potato patties with chickpeas mint, sweet yoghurt, tamarind chutney, gram flour vermicelli)


Masala Dosa (VG, GF)

(a south Indian pancake made from fermented rice flour batter filled with masala mash potato served with sambar)


Chicken Katacos

(a adoption of Khati rolls of India to a Mexican open taco soft chapathi tortilla topped with chicken kebab or vegan kebab, salad, mint and tamarind sauces)


Vegan Katacos (VG)

(a adoption of Khati rolls of India to a Mexican open taco soft chapathi tortilla topped with chicken kebab or vegan kebab, salad, mint and tamarind sauces)


Tandoor Oven

Chicken Tikka (GF)

(a classical tikka marinated with fenugreek, yoghurt and spices blend)


Sheekh Kebab (GF)

(seasoned and herbed lamb mince skilfully put on skewer and cooked)


Lamb Chops (GF)

(a special homemade paste smothered on lamb chops marinated overnight cooked to perfection)


Tandoori Paneer Tikka (GF, V)

(Indian cottage cheese marinated in the classical tandoori masala char grilled along with red onions)


Achari Baby Potatoes (GF, VG) 

(skin on baby potatoes marinated in the tingy tangy Indian pickle marination cooked on skewer in tandoor to perfection a humble potato with chefs magic)


Love Sharing??

Taste of Dhamaka Platter

(get a taste of our street food platter consisting of aloo tikki chaat, vegetable samosa, chicken65, chicken tikka)


Tandoor Grill Platter (GF)

(platter consisting of sheekh kebab, lamb chops, paneer tikka, chicken tikka)


Indo Chinese Street Food

Never heard the term “indo Chinese” it is how Chinese cuisine has adopted in India brought into the country from across the border huge contribution by Nepalese chefs a combination of ingredients like soya sauce with Indian spices just makes the perfect balance of Chinese and Indian ingredients.

Chilli Paneer (V, GF)

(a perfect example of the evolution Indian cottage cheese “paneer” smothered in chilli garlic sauce)


Gobi Manchurian (VG, GF)

(a vegans delight crispy cauliflower coated in soya garlic sauce)


Vegetable Momos (VG)

(Nepalese dumplings steam cooked made from mixed vegetables served with spicy sesame tomato dip)


Chicken 65 (GF)

(crispy fried chicken with chilly garlic sauce and curry leaves)


Soya Garlic Chicken (GF)

(crispy fried chicken tossed with peppers and onions in chefs special soya and garlic sauce)


Chicken Momos

(seasoned chicken mince dumplings steam cooked served with sesame tomato dip)


House Specials

Butter Chicken from Delhi (GF)

(“the real thing” from delhi chicken tikka cooked with creamy, buttery tomato sauce a real version of tikka masala)


Gongura Lamb from Telangana (GF)

(a south Indian lamb dish made from a paste of spinach, gongura leaves(hibiscus leaves) to make a spicy and tangy sauce best eaten with basmati rice)


Chettinad Chicken from Tamilnadu (GF)

(a strong black pepper scented south indian chicken dish from chettinad region of Tamilnadu best eaten with rice)


Goan Fish Curry from Goa (GF)

(cod fish cooked to perfection in a tangy sauce with a dash of apple cider vinegar)


Cheemeen Mappas from Kerala (GF)

(“please don’t ask us to make it spicy” a elegant and mild dish bursting with natural flavours of prawns and creamy coconut sauce and chefs spice to justify the ingredients)


Paneer Makhani (GF, V)

(a vegetarian equivalent of butter chicken a staple eat out dish from Delhi best eaten with Garlic & corriander naan)


Vegetable Kofta Curry (VG)

(dumplings made from mixed vegetables in a onion and tomato sauce)


Shahi Kofta Korma from Lucknow (GF, V)

(a rich vegetarian dish fit for kings vegetable dumplings with rich korma sauce topped with grated paneer tikka)


British Curry Classics

Chicken Korma (GF)

(mild yet flavoured packed chicken in creamy korma sauce))


Saag Wala Chicken (GF)

(chicken in garlic sautéed spinach best eaten with garlic naan)


Chicken Madras (GF)

(on the hotter side sauce made of coconut milk and curry leaves)


Lamb Rogan Josh (GF)

(slow cooked lamb dish with origin from northern india)


Lamb Vindaloo (GF)

(our hottest dish on the menu often eaten as challenge by lads on pints lamb dish cooked with a fiery paste of chillies and cider vinegar originating from goa)


Lamb Bhuna (GF)

(a cooking style called “bhuna” meat slow cooked in its own juices and spices a flavour packed dish)


Prawn Jalfrezi (GF)

(prawns cooked with onions and tomatoes to a saucy texture )


Karahi Vegetables (GF, VG)

(a Indian version of the stir fry traditionally cooked in a wok looking pot with peppers, onions and seasonal vegetables)


Saag Paneer (V)

(Indian cottage cheese cooked with garlic spinach puree)


Bhindi Do Pyaza (GF, VG)

(okra stir fry style cooked with onions and tomatoes)


Biryani Bowls

Chicken Biryani (GF)


Lamb Biryani (GF)


Vegetable Biryani (V, GF)


Naan (VG)


Butter Naan (V)

(naan smothered with clarified butter)


Garlic & Coriander Naan (V)

(naan bread studded with garlic)


Peshwari Naan (V)

(naan bread studded with garlic)


Kheema Naan

(lamb mince filled in naan bread)


Paneer & Chilli Naan (V)

(naan bread filled with grated Indian cottage cheese & chilli)


Whole Wheat Chapathi (VG)


Basmati Rice (VG, GF)

(fragrant long grain basmati rice steam cooked)


Pulao Rice (V, GF)

(basmati rice cooked with whole spices, cream and butter ghee)


Mushroom Rice (V, GF)

(mushrooms cooked with fragrant basmati rice & spices)


Lemon Rice (VG, GF)

(fragrant basmati rice cooked with lemon juice, curry leaves & spices)


Raitha (V, GF)

(yoghurt with cucumber, crushed cumin, rock salt and fresh mint)


Kachumber Salad (VGN, GF)

(a Indian salad rustic cut cucumber, tomatoes and onions)


Chips (VGN, GF)

(crispy fried potato chips)


Bombay Aloo (GF,VG)

(diced potatoes cooked in tomato sauce)


Chole (GF,VG)

(rich in fibre chick peas cooked with tomatoes and onions flavoured with fenugreek leaves)


Tadka Dal (GF,VG)

(lentils tempered with cumin and mustard seeds a staple part of the meal)


Rice Kheer (GF, V)

(the most common dessert of India. Rice pudding eaten across the country in different versions cooked with milk, coconut and raisins)


Angoori Gulab Jamun (GF, V)

(saffron scented sweet milk dumplings in rich cardamom flavoured reduced milk sauce)


Mango Kulfi (GF, V)

(a traditional Indian ice cream made from king fruit of India the Alphonso mango and milk)


A discretionary 10% service charge is added to the bill.

GF - Gluten Free

VG - Vegan

V - Vegetarian

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